Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Specialist

Moses M. Kushaba, PsyD., LCSW-C

Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Silver Spring, MD

Moses M. Kushaba, PsyD, LCSW, offers therapy through employee assistance programs (EAP) at his practice in Silver Spring, Maryland. If you’re going through a crisis, life change, or have symptoms of a mental health condition and your employer offers EAP, contact Dr. Kushaba. Appointments are available by calling his practice or booking online.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Q & A

What is an EAP?

An EAP is an intervention program that helps you resolve personal issues that are interfering with your performance at work. For example, your EAP program could include psychological counseling or addiction treatment programs, as well as access to medical professionals, financial advisors, or lawyers. EAPs are becoming standard components of employee benefit packages.

Mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and addiction, can all interfere with your work performance as well as your relationships with colleagues. Additionally, significant life events like marriage, having a baby, moving, changing careers, or getting a divorce can all increase your stress levels and interfere with your life. 

Counseling through an EAP program can help you navigate life challenges and emerge stronger and better equipped to cope with stress in the future. 

What are the counseling services included in an EAP?

You should check with your employer to learn what is covered by your EAP. Counseling is a highly personalized treatment. Everyone has unique needs, you might resolve your issue within a few sessions, while others might need several months or even years of therapy.  

In general, Dr. Kushaba offers brief counseling through EAP to help you resolve a specific concern. For example, if you’re going through a divorce, you might benefit from a few counseling sessions. Dr. Kushaba helps you explore your feelings about this life change and figure out how to approach your new life or maintain open communication with your ex. Similarly, if you’ve earned a promotion or have had to relocate, Dr. Kushaba can help you navigate these challenging life changes. 

Dr. Kushaba also offers comprehensive counseling services to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and addiction.

What if I need more therapy than is provided in my EAP?

Dr. Kushaba also sees patients outside of EAP programs. If you decide that you want to continue to work with him beyond the counseling included in your EAP, you can schedule additional appointments. His office team can provide information about his availability and rates. 

If you need expert and compassionate counseling, take advantage of your EAP and call Dr. Kushaba or book an appointment online today.