Immigrant Community Specialist

Moses M. Kushaba, PsyD., LCSW-C

Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in Silver Spring, MD

The United States is home to more than 44.7 million immigrants, who face a wide range of mental health concerns as well as the unique challenges of resettling in a new community. At his private practice, Moses M. Kushaba, PsyD, LCSW, provides compassionate and expert psychological support to members of the immigrant communities in and around Silver Spring, Maryland. If you’re looking for a mental health care specialist, call Dr. Kushaba or schedule a consultation online today.

Immigrant Community Q & A

What are the common mental health issues experienced in the immigrant community?

Moving to a new country and restarting your life is a stressful life change, even under the best circumstances. You and your family might feel like you don’t fit in, struggle with language or cultural barriers, or face discrimination. Children of immigrants often feel out-of-place at home and at school. 

Additionally, if you left your home country to avoid violence, persecution, or poverty, your background holds many risk factors for mental health issues. 


Depression causes feelings of hopelessness, sadness, or worthlessness. You might also feel isolated or misunderstood, or have physical symptoms such as sleeping too much or too little or having an abnormal appetite. Depression can interfere with your ability to succeed at work or school and your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones.


Anxiety causes persistent and distressing worries and fears. Your concerns could be rooted in real issues, but also be disproportionate to the situation. Anxiety can affect your mood and concentration. It can also disrupt your sleep, cause gastrointestinal problems, and increase your heart rate and blood pressure.


Trauma is your response to a frightening or life-threatening situation. It’s also unique to each individual, so your response to an experience is different from a friend or family member who has encountered the same circumstances. Trauma can cause many disruptive symptoms ranging from intrusive memories and nightmares to increased irritability, reckless behavior, and self-isolation. 

When should I talk to a psychologist about my mental health concerns?

While everyone feels sad, anxious, or is occasionally frightened, it’s a sign of a problem when your feelings are constant and persistent. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kushaba if your feelings interfere with your life. He can help you improve your mental, emotional, and physical health and help you build your new life.

What mental health treatments are available?

Dr. Kushaba provides compassionate and customized counseling services. Counseling offers a safe, judgment-free environment to explore your thoughts, feelings, and memories. Dr. Kushaba can help you learn to recognize negative thoughts and feelings and adjust the way you respond to them for healthier and more positive outcomes. 

Everyone can benefit from working with a mental health provider at some point. If the upheaval of moving to a new country and stress of trying to find your place and rebuild your life is affecting your mental, physical, or emotional health, call Dr. Kushaba or schedule an appointment online today.